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Soulga Flow 60 Open Level

Our signature 60 minute Vinyasa Flow.  Fluid movements carefully set to curated music under ambient lights.  Get you out of your head and onto your mat where transformation happens.  Recommended for everyone. Open Level  


Buti Yoga seamlessly combines power yoga with cardio dance + sculpting movement for a high-energy yoga fusion workout that will challenge your mind and body. The practice draws from Kundalini yoga by using spiral movements to energize the Chakras. The spiral movements also engage the deep abdominal muscles to increase core strength and stability. Buti Yoga balances energy, builds confidence, and fosters self-love. OPEN LEVEL

Mind + Body + Breath Flow

An all encompassing experience to calm your asana, align your spirit, and focus your intentions. Each 75 min class will include breath work and techniques, meditation, and asana flow. One of our most traditional classes, this open level experience is sure to become a fan favorite!

Soulga STRONG - Yoga Conditioning

60 min conditioning and toning class built to sculpt, tone and lift. This class combines LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) vinyasa with dynamic movement and calisthenics, utilizing our studio weights and bands.
Strong focus on strengthening the core along with emphasis on full body toning. Lose yourself in the magic of the music and this class totally unique to Pueblo. Bring your practice to the next level building strength and control.
Open Level - modifications will be given for all levels.

Deep & Dope - CBD optional

5 min Invigorating Vinyasa Flow meets Restorative/Yen. Set to the mood of candle lights, expect a dope upbeat flow in the first half, followed by deep down tempo release. Yen is the practice of surrendering to the pose without stressing your muscles in the process. Expect yummy deep stretches held for longer periods of time under the amazing glow of Soulga lights. Open Level… this is a fan favorite!

*Optional CBD tea and oils available to accentuate class

Barre Your Soul

75 min Hybrid class  High energy, Full Body workout that will make you feel invincible when you leave.  Barre mixes elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training while blended with amazing high tempo music to keep your going!  Lift your booty, tighten and tone your arms, abs and stems! 7-10 classes will start changing your bod… 1 class will change your confidence!  Open Level, anyone can do this and everyone should!!

Soulga Flow Express 45

45 minute Vinyasa Flow during your lunch break to divide your day and energize your afternoon.  Level 1-2 so perfect for newbies and everyone else needing some midday zen.


45 minute class taking you off your mat and within your light.  Breathing and Movements orchestrated to take you deeper within yourself leading into the guided Meditation.  Michele is masterful in leading you into the deeper channels of the Divine light within.  Find your peace and your light.  Open Level--- recommended for All.

Soulga Flow 60 Level 2/3

Our 60 minute Vinyasa Flow upped to a more challenging level.  Beautiful practice taking you deeper into the fluidity of Vinyasa. Challenging class with a great understanding of foundation, pushing you to explore new fun poses. Level 2 / 3 is not recommended for beginners. We suggest you have a solid understanding of the basic asanas with knowledge into some arm balances and inversions. Explore your possibilty!

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