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Soulga is a blending of Vinyasa yoga flow with creative music in unexpected venues. Under the house lights and disco ball this class is sure to give an overall sensory experience for mind and body. Like minded people come together to get all the benefits of yoga, balancing Soul with Fitness set to the tunes of live DJs or perfectly curated playlists. Dynamic flows and modern music blend to enhance the practice while not overshadowing the foundations. Expect heart pumping, alignment based flows with core focus to get you out of your head and into your Soul. 


DJ class themes change frequently, so make sure to check social media to catch your favorite music on the mat! 


YoGa + BeAts + BrUnCh 👊 SoulGaCoLo__SaVe ThE DaTe. March 13, 2016. At The Senate _Bar and Grill. 21
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