Relieve your anxiety with our calming, restorative, best-selling blend.


The best choice for all-natural anxiety relief. Chill combines CBD + Ashwagandha with Lemon Balm + Passion Flower to calm your mind, improve mood + mental clarity, reduce inflammation and regulate immune function.


400MG CBD / 15 ML

Tonic Chill Tincture MINI

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  • Ingredients
    Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (0 THC, sourced from organic US hemp flower), Proprietary Chill Blend (Organic Ashwagandha, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Passion Flower), Organic Black Seed Oil, Pure + Organic Maple Syrup (locally sourced down the street from our hemp farm at SweeTrees Maple Farm, 2mL per 30mL bottle – .25g sugar per 1mL serving).
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    For daytime use or mild anxiety, use smaller doses (1/2 dropper). For more severe symptoms of anxiety or for evening use, larger doses (full dropper) may be better.

    Either way, it’s always good to start small and work your way up!