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Bentonite Clay- Alkaline clay that affects the regional Ph, creating a hostile environment for dangerous and odor causing microbes, desiccant

Arrowroot Powder- Soothing, absorptive

Raw Cacao- Darkening, conditioning

Essential oils- Anti-fungal, anti-microbial, odor-absorbing



This sheer and versatile oil and moisture absorbing powder is perfect for those of us who try to avoid the daily washes, but don’t want to sacrifice looking and feeling fresh to def. Great for touching up the ‘do on the regular or an after-shower body douse.



Hair: Sprinkle a small amount into hands, coating palms and fingers. Gently shake into scalp and base of the hair shaft. OR, for a heavier application- part hair in layers and sprinkle directly onto scalp, gently tousle or blowdry away excess.

Body: Sprinkle small amount onto palms and glide over to chest and armpit area, or any area moisture absorption is desired.


*External Use ONLY*

Zola Heady Dry Shampoo - Neutral

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