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Beyonce´ Wasn't Built in a Day

Last night in class I spoke about the pressure in our society (especially New Yorkers!) to BE THE BEST. How we are constantly in competition with not only others, but with ourselves. Internally scrutinizing every pose and move, because it's not as perfect as our neighbors or what we consider to be the ideal version. Good news yogis! There is no perfect in yoga. Yoga is what you make of it, it's your path, and it's where you are supposed to be right there in that moment. Instead of focusing on what we are not doing, let's reshift our focus to GRADITUDE for what we ARE DOING, and what we have accomplished. By not putting so much pressure on ourselves and being present in the moment (wherever that may be), only then can we begin to observe and grow.

Even Beyonce´ wasn't built in a day!

Check out the new mix up from the last Soulga Yoga + Beats + Brunch on the CURRENT MOOD & VIBES page. which in fact has some of the Qeen Bey featured. Next one coming up Sat Sept 19th and rumors are flying that Lady Gaga might make and appearance (vocally of course). Hope to see your shining faces there so we can all bask in the moment and gratitude of our practice!

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