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Oops! We did it again...

Another weekend down, another awesome asana sesh and brunch is behind us. We definitely did it again! Special thanks to all the yogis that made it out on Saturday for sharing your afternoon with us! For those of you that couldn't make it, check out the link to the current mix from DJ Shawn Lisle and just know that the mimosas are basically served in fish bowls at The Federal Bar... So be jealous, be very jealous. Or even better, find out for yourselfs at the next one coming up Oct 3rd, noon as usual.

Just some side notes, tickets will remain $40 online AND at the door. We're working on a link direct through our site so you can avoid the fee (sorry, we had no idea!). We're also adding a drop-in yoga rate of $20 just for the class. If you do decide to stick around for brunch, there will be the option to add it on after as well.

Tuesday's are for toning. Today we are working on our core with Navasana or Boat Pose and getting STRONGER with Britney Spears as our background. Check out some tips and a link to the vid below.

Start by sitting with your knees bent, soles of the feet on the floor. Raise your arms parallel to the floor extending through your fingertips. Begin to sit back slightly, using your core and hip flexors to raise your legs to also be parrarell to the floor. Engage your core, but do not stiffen or harden through the lower belly. Relax the shoulders away from the ears, and brighten through the collarbone. For a little more of a challenge, begin to straigten your legs so that you are in a full "V" pose. Stay for 5 breathes, lowering slowly with control to the floor.

**Extra Credit for a few crunches on the way down.

Ab envy in Britney Spear's "Stronger"

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