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Namaste on my Mat.....

The weather is changing, it's getting crisper out and the leaves are falling. A lot is changing in the coming month as we get deep into Fall and (Dare I say it...) the HOLIDAYS!! Through all this change you can count on one thing, Soulga is here for you! Stay on those mats and forge ahead into the season of tricks and treats alike.

We're back for another Yoga + Beats + Brunch this Sat Oct 24th at noon at The Knitting Factory Brooklyn. You know the drill, one hour yoga with tunes by DJ Shawn Lisle, plus yummy brunch after at The Federal Bar next door. Check out the mix here!

We're also happy to announce our first ever Soulga Happy Hour next Thursday Oct 29th at 7pm. Join us at Livestream Public builidng off the Morgan stop for juicy flow with DJ set and grab an adult beverage after while mingling amongst yogi friends.

It's no secret, we love Justin... but this picture makes our day. Justin is sitting in a variation of Hero's Pose, or Virasana, what most call Broken Toe Pose. This pose is fantastic for us New Yorkers that spend a lot of our day on the move, walking a lot. It's really important to stretch the toes and foot as they are a huge part or our foundation in yoga. By getting a more flexy foot, you'll be able to spreaf those toes for a wider and more stable foundations.

See some tips below on how to get the most out of this pose, and check out this awesome Yoga Journal article on how to get Happy Feet with Yoga Poses for Foot Pain.

Starting on all fours in a table top, tuck your toes and sit back on you knees, reaching your heels to your seat. Placing your hands on your knees, straighten your arms and sit tall reaching your crown towards the ceiling. Relax the shoulders away from the ears, soften the ribs to the back body. Sit in Virasana for 8-10 breaths. It will get uncomfortable quickly, but focus on your breath and stay on that mat!

Until Next time!

Soulga Squad

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