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Diving Deep this Week

Britney is killing it lately, and even though we never stopped loving her (WE SWEAR BRIT!), we felt the need to celebrate her amazingness in all it's glory in flow form. DJ Shawn Lisle is spinning Nama-Slave Britney Flow Saturday while Yogi Shlee leads the way, perhaps wearing a snake if we're lucky. Authenticity, right? Sunday go deep with DEEP & DOPE as we open up and dive into places of tension and stress. Yogi Mere bringing the flow and DJ TDubz on the decks.


10:30 am PLAYLIST YOGA SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS warms us up for DJ Flow with the same exact themes.

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We Go Deep Mini Sequence

Try these 5 poses for a deep stretch and release, adding a vinyasa where you want. Check out our playlist from last week Playlist Yoga to set the tone.

1. Bound Angle Pose

Start in a seated position with the soles of the feet together and the knees apart. If this is too much on your hips, place padding or blocks under your knees.

Take a hold of the feet and hinge forward at the hips aiming to bring your head to the earth. The closer the feet are to the seat, the deeper the stretch. Try to stay for 5 breaths.

2. Downward Facing Dog

Start in a plank pose, engage your core and ground down through all 10 knuckles sealing your palm to the mat. From your navel, lift your hips up and back to come into down dog.

Bend your knees deeply and point your seat to the sky. Start to straighten through the legs, heels towards the ground. Shoulders away from ears, push your chest toward your thighs. 5 Big breaths.

3. Lizard Pose

Step your right foot forward into a low lunge. Wiggle your right foot to the outer edge of your mat and bring both hands to the inside of your foot. Drop your back knee, untuck the toes and stay here. OR come down on your forearms to the floor or blocks.

Gaze is slightly foward of your hands on the floor, hug that right knee into your bicep and keep the knee stacked over the ankle.

Plant the hands, and raise the right foot for a three legged dog. Replace the foot and repeat on the other side.

4. Extended Side Angle

Step forward to a low lunge, spin the back foot to the eart and come up for a Warrior II. Knee over ankle, grounding through the outer edge of the back foot start to reach the front hand forward and place on the inside of the front foot. You can use a block, or place the forearm to the top of the thigh if this is too deep. Back arm floats over the ear, fingers point to the front of the room

Just like in lizard hug that front thigh into the top of the arm as the arm pushes back. Use that connection to spiral the lower ribs up to the ceiling as you look under the armpit toward the sky. 3 Breaths

Circle the arm to the floor, step back to Down Dog. Repeat on the other side.

5. Wide Knee Childs Pose

Drop the knees wide, and keep the feet together, Rest you head on the mat and reach the seat to the heels. Arms can be long in front or rest by the side.

Stay here as long as you like, gently roll up and kick your feet in front of you. Lay down for savasana and relax.

Enjoy your new found space and tension release.



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