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FlowYonce All Weekend Long

One class is NOT enough to celebrate the Queen! Bey all day... actually, ALL WEEKEND! Our usual flows with 'Yonce sprinkled in here and there, with the main event ALL BEYONCE, ALL CLASS Sunday at Noon for Yoga + Beats + Brunch.

Saturday DJ Tdubz & Yogi Denise will get your heart pumping and your booty bouncing with Soulga Flow + Beyonce at 12pm noon

Sunday FLOWYONCE with a complete BEYONCE FLOW by DJ Shawn Lisle as Yogi Shlee brings out your inner Yogi Bey.


10:30 am PLAYLIST YOGA SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS set to ambient deep groves with touches of the themes for the day...

Link up in MindBody and Check out our social media (Insta & FB). Like our accounts and repost something for our pages (tag us so we know) and get yourself a free class this month.

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