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Start Fresh

The moon is in Aries this week.

We're motivated by a strong impulse to start fresh.

A gut instinct to start something new is with us now, as well as the imagination to do so. Our instinctive impulses are strong, and we feel energetic, spontaneous and enthusiastic. We may also be awkward and impulsive now, Excessive energy like this is best channeled into physical activities. Stop and think for a moment.

What is your body, mind and spirit telling you that you need?

Is it to start that idea or project you've been putting off?

Is to get on the mat and crush that workout or pose you've been thinking of?

Now is the time to listen. Be impulsive and creative!

The stars are aligned for us to do so... literally!

Take charge of your life right now! Get ready to March into March.

Soulga has your tools to channel and harness your energy. We have Yin, Restore and Guided Meditations to channel and harness. We have Soulga Flow, Hot Yoga & Barre to channel that energy into your physicality. We feel the energy in the environment. We understand the absolute ups and downs of being human. We are human and we're not perfect.

Yoga & Barre helps keeps us sane.

Be sane with us.

See you on the Mat.

"This is the beginning of anything you want."

Check the studio for great merchandise. We now have water, Kombucha & Coconut water for sale, Yay!! Crazy monthly unlimited prices until March 1st, sign-up today and help us help you.

Fresh Start, Soulgis.

Weekly Schedule Below!

Monday, Feb 19th

12Noon Karma Express w/ Missy

5:30pm Restore w/ Tawa

7pm Barre Your Soul w/ Cori

Tuesday, Feb 20th

6:30am Soulga Hot 60 w/ Cora

5:30pm Soulga Flow 60 w/ Missy

7pm Deep n Dope w/ Tara

Wednesday, Feb 21st

12Noon Karma Express w/ Missy

5:30pm Heart-Filled Meditation w/ Michele

7pm Barre Your Soul w/ Missy

Thursday, Feb 22nd

6:30am Soulga Hot 60 w/ Cora

5:30pm Restore w/ Tawa

7pm Hot Deep n Dope w/ Tara

Friday, Feb 23rd

12Noon Karma Express w/ Cora

Saturday, Feb 24th

8:45am Soulga Hot 60 w/ Tara

10:30am Barre Your Soul w/ Tara

Sunday, Feb 25th

5:30pm Hot Deep n Dope w/ Missy

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