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Bentonite Clay- Alkaline clay that affects the regional Ph, creating a hostile environment for dangerous and odor causing microbes, desiccant

Arrowroot Powder- Soothing, absorptive

Raw Cacao- Darkening, conditioning

Essential oils- Anti-fungal, anti-microbial, odor-absorbing



This cacao based oil and moisture absorbing powder is perfect for those brunettes out there who want a touch up between washes, and want to get down with the antioxidant richness of raw cacao. Great for daily 'do maintenance or a light dusting on the bod.



Hair: Sprinkle a small amount into hands, coating palms and fingers. Gently shake into scalp and base of the hair shaft. OR, for a heavier application- part hair in layers and sprinkle directly onto scalp, gently tousle or blowdry away excess.

Body: Sprinkle small amount onto palms and glide over to chest and armpit area, or any area moisture absorption is desired.


*External Use ONLY*

Zola Heady Dry Shampoo - Dark

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